Business Support

THCDA, Tower Hamlets Co-operative Development Agency, provides a range of business services that are free and confidential. We work closely with individuals or groups who have a skill or idea that they wish to turn into a viable and sustainable business.

Our expertise is with working with groups of people who prefer to work together to achieve their objectives and who find that together they are able to provide the expertise and resources to be more successful than by going it alone.

We specialise in co-operatives where ownership and control are shared amongst the members. The co-operative business model is proven worldwide and is flexible and adaptable to a wide range of community and commercial situations. Co-operatives can be registered as a company limited by guarantee, limited by shares or as an Industrial Provident Society.

The services that we provide

The way we work - our code

THCDA is committed to help you get started and running the business profitably. We believe that we have a unique business start up service: