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Below is a list of services offered by co-operatives or Social Enterprises in the borough.

Building Maintenance
Business Services
Childrens Nurseries
Complimentary Therapies and Health
Credit Unions
Eastern Artefacts
Graphic Design
Video, Music and Books
Wedding Services

Building Maintenance

SOS NETWORK Building and repair maintenance
55 Ben Johnson Road
London E1
Tel: 020 7701 8810

Business Services

ACCOUNT 3 Training, employment and recruitment

1/9 Birkbeck Street
London E2 6JZ
Tel: 020 7739 7720
Fax: 020 7739 5087



Description of services

We are a women's co-operative based in Bethnal Green in Tower Hamlets, East London. We offer a range of training, enterprise and development services for women in a friendly and supportive environment. We have a pool of skilled experienced staff covering a range of activities including: creche workers, outreach workers, consultants, trainers and web designers.

Resources include a Women Enterprise Resource Room which can be booked by the hour by Women's Businesses.


Account 3 was established as a co-operative in 199.

Our main objectives are to:

  • relieve poverty and enhance women's employment opportunities through the provision of information, support and advice
  • advance education and skills development through the provision of training and opportunities to develop vocational skills
  • serve as a referral point between women looking for work and the existing agencies that can help them
  • promote self help through the provision of information, guidance and practical hands on support
  • support other groups to develop their own strategies and activities to overcome inequality

C03 Corporate communications consultancy

The East London Centre

64 Broadway

London E15 1NT

Tel:020 8432 0570

Fax:020 8432 0574

Description of services.

CO3 is a corporate communications advisory service. We assist companies and organisations (large and small) in communicating the effects of their activities from a corporate social responsibility perspective. We also advise on all aspects of online corporate communications. Our fees are levied on a time taken basis (although we will consider retainer arrangements). We also take into account the ability of the client to pay.

The scope of our service and expertise enables us to ensure that all our client corporate communications in these areas are consistent, timely, coherent and are of the required quality and quantity.

Co-op members

Tim Purcell

Has worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Finsbury. He has a background in media, broadcasting, auditing and commercial accounting and is a particular expert in online corporate reporting and shareholder and corporate social responsibility(CSR) reporting.

Roger Turner

Roger has worked for nearly thirty years in investment banking, latterly with Dresdner Kleinwort. He is an expert in investor relations and has advised many companies particularly in connection with equity capital markets transactions.

OTHERWORDS Publishers and business support
Unit 3
Business Development Centre
7/15 Greatorex Street
London E1 5NF
Tel: 020 7354 5040

Business Development Centre
7/15 Greatorex Street
London E1 5NF
Tel: 020 7247 1892


The Whitechapel Centre

Myrdle Street

London E1 1HL

Tel:020 7247 4947


Description of services

Mustard studio provides a space for young designers to work together, share ideas and at the same time develop their separate businesses.



Co-op members

Debi Hall, Ian Kettle, Jen Gilpin

Childrens Nurseries


Bethnal Green
Training Centre
Deal Street
Hanbury Street
London E1 5HZ
Tel: 020 7247 8173

Fax: 020 73752750
Mob: 07930 515190

Description of services

An OFSTED registered private day nursery with 23 places for children aged 1 to 5 years in the heart of Whitechapel. Four qualified women run the nursery ö they are from an ethnic minority background and work full time.

The nursery ethos is to help the underprivileged by keeping the cost of childcare to a minimum. It provides a valuable service for parents who want to get back into work, who wish to learn English or who have come from overseas and need to enrol in training.

The nursery is open plan allowing a free flow at certain times allowing children to choose what they want to explore fostering their curiosity. It also allows an interaction between younger and older children encouraging social and emotional development.

Open Monday to Friday 8am ö 6pm.

  • Key worker system with each child paired with a member of staff

  • Variable daily plan with both structured and unstructured routines

  • Age integrated learning

  • Pre ö school curriculum in daily plan



The nursery was established in 1997. Following the decision to close an existing crche in the Bethnal Green Training Centre the employees lead by Audry St Louis decided to take over the operation and run it as a worker co-operative. There was capacity for 5 children.

The nursery has expanded to a capacity of 24 places with the assistance of the CDA by raising grants from European funds to upgrade the facilities.

Co-op Members

  • Audry St Louis - manager

  • Jahera Burum

  • Juney keelson

  • Shazna Bugum

SCALLYWAGS Childrens Nursery
St Anne's Church Hall
Underwood Road
London E1
Tel: 0207 375 3547

Description of services

Scallywags is a parent run child care co-operative and is managed by an employee of the co-operative, a play worker, who is a fully qualified. Two parents who are members of the co-operative work with and support the manager. There are 12 children per session who are aged between 20 months and two years..

The parents are either on lunch duty or active duty and their roles are fixed and carefully laid out in the handbook for parents. Parents are therefore required to work in the nursery once a week if their child is full time and once a fortnight if their child is part time.

Scallywags are open from 9am to 1pm all year round apart from a two-week holiday over the Christmas period. Children can attend the playgroup from either daily or half the week

The nursery session comprises a period of free play, snacks followed by singing, physical activities, stories, lunch and then physical activities again until parents arrive to pick up the children.

Structured activities include arts and crafts, music and dance, imaginative games and dressing up, geared around a monthly theme. Festivals and celebratory traditions of local ethnic communities are introduced into the activities.

Scallywags offers an excellent environment in which parents can meet, socialise and learn from each other. Scallywags uses parents voluntary labour to keep the costs of child care down


Started in 1991 Scallywaggs is a parent run, non-profit making, co-operative venture working in the field of education and care for pre-school children in east London. It was started by a group of parents who wanted to provide a stimulating caring and affordable daily play environment for their children.

Scallywaggs started in a community hall in Hackney then moved to Bethnal Green. In 1998 it moved into St Anneâs Church. It has had between 12 and 20 member families at any one time with children staying just over a year. The organisation has run a morning playgroup session since its inception charging fees to cover overheads.



BARE JUICE Design and manufacture of women's lingerie
The Print Room
Oxford House
Derbyshire Street
London E2 6HG
Tel: 07950 185210

Description of services

Bare Juice offer a range of printed underwear and bed linen for women and men in luxurious fabrics.

Bare Juice are a 3 women collaboration whose aim is to employ innovative, photography, artwork, designs and the highest quality fabrics to market a range of bedroom wear unavailable elsewhere. All items are processed by hand in house, using fundamental technology to fanastical effect.

Bare Juice offer a bespoke service

Mail shots and price lists are available on request.

SISTERS Women and children's clothing
62 White Horse Lane
London E1 0ND
Tel: 0956 958644

Description of services

Whitechapel Market stall selling cultural clothing, jewellery and ornaments for women and children of all ages. Aysha and Latifa also trade at various functions and festivals in and around central London.

Co-op members

Aysha Begum

Latifa Rahman


Dame Colet House

Ben Jonson House

London E1 3NH

Tel: 020 7790 9077

Fax: 020 7790 9637

Description of services

Monipuri Sarees was formed by Rhana Begum through Dame Colet House. Handmade sarees, shawls and salware kameeze are imported from Bangladesh and sold via community events and festivals. Monipuri materials are specialist handmade materials of high quality and originality.

Complimentary Therapies and Health

BODYWISE Yoga and complimentary therapies
119 Roman Road
London E2 OQN
Tel: 020 8981 6938

Description of services

Bodywise is a natural health centre providing complementary therapies, yoga and other movement classes.

Therapies currently offered are - Acupunture, Alexander Technique, Aromatherapy massage, Art Therapy, Counselling, Cranial Osteopathy, Herbalism, Hair Analysis, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Indian Head Massage. Kinesiology, Massage, Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy, Osteopathy, Pilates, Psychotherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, Tai Chi and many, many Yoga classes (including beginners to advanced, Yoga for Stress and Yoga for Pregnancy).

Bodywise is open Monday to Friday 9am-8pm and Saturday 9am-1pm

51 Roman Road
London E2 OHU
Tel; 0845 458 4716

99 Sclater Street
London E1 6HR
Tel: 07967 620 513


62 Aldgate High Street


Tel: 020 7481 0448

Description of services

Unique registered as a co-op in June 2002 and is part of the National Slimming Centres, Europe's largest group of medically supervised slimming centres.

We provide our patients with affordable advice and support on weight loss, diet and many other aspects of weight control. We will help to motivate you and give you diet sheets, vitamins, diet diaries, diet guides and, in most cases if the doctor feels you are suitable, medication recognised as helpful in suppressing your appetite so you will not feel hungry while you lose weight.

In short we provide everything you need to help you improve your self image.

Co-op members

Shahin Zare-Azirani and Dr Mitra Zare-Azirani

Credit Unions


473 Bethnal Green Rd
London E2 9QH
Tel: 020 7729 9218   

      0800 085 0283

Fax: 020 7729 9218



Description of services

Tower Hamlets Credit Union is an organisation that provides straightforward, affordable financial services to a growing number of people in Tower Hamlets.

Membership is available to anyone who lives or works in the borough.

Saving money with the Credit Union is a good idea. To begin saving with the Credit Union you must open a share savings account; the basic account you need to become an active member of the Credit Union. Once this account is established a member can utilise all other services offered by the Credit Union. Each share is valued at £1 and by becoming a member you also become a part owner of the Credit Union with rights to:


  • A share in dividends
  • A vote at meetings
  • An opportunity to serve

In order to qualify for loans, regular and consistent payments must be made into this account. Members can make payments according to their particular circumstances.

Eastern Artefacts

EVOLUTION Eastern artefacts

59-61 Roman Road
London E2 OQN
Tel: 020 8981 7219

Description of services

Evolution is a well established gift shop in the heart of Bethnal Green, selling a side range of gifts from around the world, as well as useful and interesting things for the home·.e.g. we always keep in stock a range of cushions, rugs and throws.

Our shop is run on a collective basis and managed by a team of women associated with the London Buddhist Centre. The Evolution Shop is part of a thriving Buddhist Village in the East End, including shops, cafs and a natural health centre, as well as residential communities connected with the Buddhist Centre.


193-197 Mile End Road
Stepney Green
London E1 4AN
Tel: 0207 790 2371

FRIENDS ORGANIC Vegetarian and organic wholefood shop

83 Roman Road
London E2 0QN

Tel: 020 8980 1843

Fax: 0870 132 5327

Description of services

We are a team of practising Buddhists, trying to make our work a spiritual practice.

FriendsOrganic is associated with the London Buddhist Centre. We are all involved with the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order . Some of us are ordained members of the Western Buddhist Order.

Our practice means that we are trying to live as ethically, honestly, kindly, generously and as compassionately as we can, along with cultivating clear thinking, mindfulness and wisdom. These qualities we are trying to cultivate in Mind, Body and Speech.

Our store is completely vegetarian . None of the supplements, or any other product, contains gelatine, or any other animal product.

We have a wide range of vegan products. We have gluten free foods

Over 65% of our products are organic . All organic products are clearly marked as such. All our fruit and vegetables and bread are always organic.

We stock fair-trade items.

We sell environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We also refill washing-up liquid and clothes washing liquid, which costs you less whilst using less plastic

We recycle Brita water filters.

If we don't have something in stock we can usually order it in for you .

GALLERY CAFÉ Vegetarian restaurant and catering

21 Old Ford Road
London E2 9PL
Tel: 020 8983 3624


Description of services

Buddhist Mediteranean/International style restaurant.

This not your traditional Bethnal green eatery. The coffees are unusually good for those resigned to greasy spoon instant brews.

They do herbal teas, delicious fruit juices, sandwiches, tortilla, mezze, pasta, ciabattas, soups, all made on the premises.

Ideal spot for relaxing newspaper sessions or to meet colleagues and friends for lunch. The Buddhist men who run the Gallery create a good vibe all round.

GOLIS GROCERY Cash and carry
3A Saunder Close
Limehouse Crossway
London E14 8PN
Tel: 020 7265 2999

Fresh Bangladeshi fruit & vegetables
Dame Colet House
Ben Johnson Road
London E1 3NH
Tel: 020 7790 9077

WILD CHERRY RESTAURANT Vegetarian food & catering

241 Globe Road
London E2 OJD
Tel: 020 8980 6678


Description of services

Wild Cherry exists firstly to provide fresh, home-cooked vegetarian meals for the local community. They encourage a compassionate and conscious approach to eating by:

  • Offering a range of vegan food
  • Using only free-range eggs including more organic ingredients.
  • Seeling Fair trade and coffee

The restaurant doubles as a gallery with monthly exhibitions of local artists.

Wild Cherry hold one-off evening dinners, cater for parties, and special events and hire out the restaurants for functions.


Wild Cherry support eight Buddhist women who work together cooperatively. Profits from the restaurant are given to the adjacent London Buddhist Centre. These funds support its work of making mediation available to all, with classes held there and in others parts of London.





Graphic Design

ART.e @ the art of change Graphic design & public art

6 Container City
Trinity Bow Wharf
64 Orchard Place
London E14 OJW
Tel: 020 7987 7921

Mob: 07976 835 133

Fax: 020 7987 7922



Description of services

Art.e is a visual arts organisation concerned with issues of change, particularly transformation of the urban environment and its impact upon the quality of life and cultural identity. We produce artworks in the public domain in all its aspects, be they physical, virtual or social. The practice ranges from strategy, through creative development to production. The core team is a unique combination of visual arts practitioners and strategists, resourced with new technology and administrative backup.

Global Town Squares is a new innovative service. It is a participatory regeneration process using the Roman Forum as a metaphor, for engaging with the community to gather information on their history and aspirations by debate and discussion and record this in a place of physical beauty, a piece of public art, to which the community has contributed. This enables and gives the opportunity for the artist in everyone in the community to be given voice and expression. It reflects the principles of Agenda 21.


ART.e @ the art of change is a legacy organization of The Art of Change which was established originally as the Docklands Community Poster Co-op in 1981 to campaign on local issues. The last 18 months has been spent completing legacy projects and developing new projects.

Current and Recent Projects:

2002/3 Weaving Identities £78K : A commission from LB Tower Hamlets (as a result of a competitive bid) to do a public artwork at Weavers Fields, named after the Huguenot silk weavers who lived and worked there. This also involves workshops with local schools and community groups but is also based on the history of the area. The result will be a 7m cast stainless steel sculpture surrounded by a wall made of bricks carved by young people from the area.

2001/3 Our Glasses, Whitfield Gardens, Tottenham Court Rd £68K:

12 illuminated 2m tall glass panels with full colour artwork and etched glass, representing the history of the area and designs based upon workshops with young people from the area. It involves technical innovations in the production of free-standing illuminated glass images, with light emitting from the images themselves surrounded by clear unlit glass.

2002 Stepney Green Boys School £75K - to work with the school & Craig Bragdy to create a mural for the technology block through workshops with 933 Bengali boys. This was funded by Ocean New Deal.

2002 Neighbourhood Twinning project (phase one) Stevenage £58K. Involved workshops in two neighbourhoods of Stevenage, Bedwell and Shephall, resulting in artworks in those neighbourhoods and in Stevenage Town Centre. The latter took the form of coloured tegular paving designs, incorporating pebble and other mosaic forms, utilising the workshop materials as a basis for the designs. Other neighbourhoods to be added subsequently. Phase one completed and Launched Sept 4. 2002

2003 Poplar Futures £5K, a Pilot for a larger project to begin this year, funded through Leaside Regeneration. In partnership with the Crisp St ideas store to do outreach work with community groups & schools to develop ideas for the future of the area and linking to the Futuretown And Beyond project (see below)

2000/3 Futuretown And Beyond, (FAB), Gravesend £132K . A three year programme building upon the successful Furturetown initiative and drawing upon the introduction of citizenship into the school curriculum. The programme creates a significant arts/creativity focus delivered through ICT. Crucially, Futuretown has been expanded to a broader age range and a wider spread of communities to encompass a life-long learning dimension. Phase One involved young people in workshops exploring their identity - their 'You-topias'. This work was put onto a website, enabling their work to be used as e-postcards, establishing a 'forum', and creating their 'portals in cyber-space. Partnerships were also established with Higher Educational Institutions and Companies in the Region.

Phase Two involved both schools and community groups, exploring their ideas of the future, glimpsing possible futures for themselves and creating a vision for the development of public spaces, physical and virtual, for their town. This was also put onto the Website.

We created a large scale outdoor projection systemat the main Transport interchange in the centre of town. This was launched on 19 th Dec 03. The animated display involved a 'Festival of Light & Renewal', showing work expressing participant's ideas of light and renewal, whether it be their personal vision or the celebration of a communal tradition. Phase Three began in June 03 - we begin work on making the Projection System interactive, physically transform the site and create our Global Town Square. Funded by SE Arts Regional Lottery Programme, Gravesham Borough Council, Kent Thameside and URBAN.


Legacy Projects Include:


Green Street Millennium Pavement £110K (2000/02) Construction of pavement installations for Green Street, a commercial and cultural quarter of the Asian community in LB Newham. The project involves local schools and community groups in the production of design work. Outcomes include paving design, artworks in the pavement, pavement lighting elements, seating and lamppost banners. Launched May 12 th , 2002.

Wymering Public Arts Project , Portsmouth £0.5m (1996-1999) A series of seven related artworks creating an environment to project the history, identity, desires and aspirations of the community of Wymering. An Agenda 21 Model Project of regional and national significance which we developed and project managed, and ourselves produced a 14 metre high 'Tree of Life' sculpture that generates power from the wind. There is a brochure available for this project.

Consultancy work includes:

Public Consultation and Feasibility for a Memorial to the Civilian War Dead in Lambeth. Resulted in a report and recommendations to the Town Centre Management Group for phased implementation.

Organisational and Development consultancy for a Public Art Organisation. Providing systems so that they may become more professional their practice and enable them to produce a business plan.

Civic Senseâ : Development of the 3- 6 year strategy for the redevelopment of Portsmouth City Centre through a redefinition of the Îcivicâ. Partners Portsmouth City Council and Portsmouth University.

Heavens' Light - Navigating Public Art for the Millennium Public Art Strategy for Portsmouth Harbour Millennium Renaissance. Consultation and production of comprehensive report to include site specificity, partnerships, resources, themes and development opportunities.

The Green Chain: Forging the Links Public Art Strategy for Lee Valley Park. The strategy involved visualisations as examples of an approach exploring the 'green chain' concept in a variety of ways, some artist-led with consultation, others as enabling projects, some utilising high technology and a number using post-industrial or natural materials found in the Park.

Challenging Public Art A public art strategy for the Bethnal Green City Challenge area. Consultancy report with visualisations making recommendations for over sixty sites. Overall strategy for consultation, financing and infrastructural networks designed for the creation of public art to engender a feeling of ownership, celebration, and sense of becoming for the communities in the area.

Co-op Members

Peter Dunn, Director and lead artist

Anita Mc Keown, Project Development

Grace Kajorner, Administration

Joseph Cooke, Chair

Claire Miller, Treasurer

Aretha George, member


ARTZONE Graphic design
10 Backchurch Lane
London E1 1LX
Tel: 020 7481 9053

CALVERTS Design and print co-operative

9/10 The Oval
London E2 9DT
Tel: 020 7739 1471
Fax: 020 739 0881

Calverts is a common ownership co-op specialising in graphic design for print or web, and state-of-the-art colour printing. Founded in 1977, Calverts is an Inner City 100 award winner, in recognition of its track record as a progressive and growing company.


12 Wickford Street.
London E1 5QN
Tel: 0207 265 8343
Fax: 0207 790 7407
Description of services

The ownership of the properties and lettings are still the responsibility of Tower hamlets that are the Co-ops major benefactors. Day to day management is the responsibility of the co-operatives 6 full time equivalent staff. The co-ops main responsibilities are for cyclical maintenance, repairs, enforcement of tenancy conditions and the upkeep and maintenance of common areas of the estate.

The co-op also believes that it has a central role to play in the local community and this belief drives the forging of new links and working partnerships with other community organisations. Our offices at Wickford street provide a focal p [point for community activities throughout the day and evenings and this has generated a momentum for plans to expand and create a new community enterprise centre serving a wide area.



Bancroft Tenant Management Co-operative is a registered friendly society. The principle object of the Co-operative is the provision and improvement on Co-operative principles, of land, buildings or amenities, or service for the benefit of members, either exclusively or in conjunction with other members.

Residents formed the co-operative in 1992 in order to have a greater say in the running of their estate. The democratically elected committee, all of whom reside on the estate and are members of the co-operative, takes management decisions. Currently there are 781 members.

Built in the late 1940â2 early 1950âs, Bancroft estate is a close knit, multi racial community of over 600 flats, houses and maisonettes situated in Bethnal green. During the 1990âs the estate underwent a physical refurbishment that was funded largely by £5 million of external investment raised by the co-operative with the assistance of LBTH.

Contact   Rod Williams - manager

111A Bishops Way
London E2 9HL
Tel: 0208 981 7857

44 Glenkerry House
Burcham Street
London E14 OSL
Tel: 0207 515 8645

68 Bromley Street
London E1 ONA
Tel: 0207 790 6260

119 Roman Road
Bethnal Green Road
London E2 OQN
Tel: 020 8980 1069


148 Cambridge Heath Rd
London E1 5QJ
Tel: 0207 702 7350

Fax:0207 702 7381

Description of services

Solon Co-operative Housing Services is a Registered Social Landlord with charitable objectives.

We have over 25 years experience in successfully promoting community development and involvement in housing by meeting needs through local partnerships. This work is reflected in our mission; " promoting equality, choice and quality in housing ."

We achieve these aims by providing the following professional and accountable services:

  • development of permanent and short to medium term homes, including new build , rehabilitation, live/work, flats over shops, self build and shared ownership
  • quality housing management for associations, local authorities , co-operatives and private landlords
  • Community and Co-operative support training and development
  • independent tenant participation consultancy through Îsolon community network


The focus for all our activities is to build and support sustainable communities empowered to take both more control of, and greater responsibility for, the solution to their housing needs.

Number of Homes owned

Number of Homes Managed

48 Bruce Road
London E3 3HL
Tel: 020 8981 5048


13 Corbin House
Bromley Street
London E3 3BH
Tel: 0208 981 6329


PAPERBACK Wholesale recycled paper & stationery

Unit 2
Bow Triangle Business Centre
Eleanor Street
London E3 4NP
Tel: 020 8980 5580

Supplying recycled printing and office papers.



Contact:Alan Goschalk


CALVERTS Design and print co-operative

9/10 The Oval
London E2 9DT
Tel: 020 7739 1471
Fax: 020 739 0881

Calverts is a common ownership co-op specialising in graphic design for print or web, and state-of-the-art colour printing. Founded in 1977, Calverts is an Inner City 100 award winner, in recognition of its track record as a progressive and growing company.


OTHERWORDS Publishers & business support
Unit 3
Business Development Centre
7-15 Greatorex St
London E1 5NF
Tel: 020 7354 5040/ 020 8341 0580

13 Reef House
Manchester Road
London E14 3RD
Tel; 7538 5032

Video, music and books

EASTERN CO-OPERATIVE Bengali: video, music & books
64 Hanbury Street
London E1 5JL
Tel: 020 7247 8501

Description of services

Established in 1984, Eastern Co-operative are producers of Bangla cassettes, CDs, music videos, drama and short films as well as music concert promoters. Eastern co-op features works of well-known Bangladeshi artists and local talent. You will find all the best Bangla films and drama videos. Eastern Co-op also stock original, quality Bangla music cassettes and CDs.

Wholesale and Retail.

Wedding services


62 Hanbury Street
London E1 5JL
Tel: 020 7377 0767

Fax: 020 7247 3357

Description of services

ãFor all your wedding needs. We can help you every step of the way to a great weddingä.

Sunrise Wedding Services provides a comprehensive wedding services including wedding cards, professional high quality filming editing and mixing, welcome gates, stages and cars to fresh flower arrangements and live music and DJâs.

A unique new feature includes an animated presentation where guests can sit back, watch and find out more about the occasion - from details of the bride and groom to a detailed map of the venues.

How many times have you driven aimlessly with your A-Z looking for that Wedding Hall? With this feature the guest would know exactly how to get there with a detailed map, and even print out step-by-step directions to the venue.



The company was set up in 1999 as a co-operative and has since grown rapidly

Co-op members

Harun Rashid

Ropu Miah


Lewey House
Ground Floor
Joseph Street
London E3 4HN
Tel: 020 8980 0403

Description of services

Fast Forward Womenâs Group is committed to working with socially excluded black and ethnic minority women to enable them to actively participate in their family life with young children. It is committed to develop womenâs confidence and self-esteem, provide them with a better chance in life through training and employment as well as learning new skills for their personal and professional development. It actively promotes health and culture to enable greater integration into society.

Activities include:

Running a Mother and Toddler Group open 3 days a week

Fitness sessions

Peer Group sessions including educational and social trips for women and their children


The organisation was established in 2001 with initial funding from Peabody Trust, Kingâs fund, Bethnal Green Victoria Park Housing Associations. It was registered as a co-operative in May 2002.

Co-op members

Shaheeda Khanam Chair

Rejia Khatun Secretary

Kaleyda Khaten Treasurer



Dame Colet House

Ben Jonson House

London E1 3NH

Tel: 020 7790 9077

Fax: 020 7790 9637

Description of services

The Flower Garden Co-op has been supported by Tower Hamlets CDA in partnership with Dame Colet House. This is a co-op consisting of about six women who started trading in March 2002 as a result of attending flower-arranging classes where they learned to make floral baskets using dried and silk flowers.

Flower Garden Co-op now supply flowers for weddings and parties.


Dame Colet House

Ben Jonson House

London E1 3NH

Tel: 020 7790 9077

Fax: 020 7790 9637

Description of services

The Stepney Womenâs Catering Co-op has been operating for three years from Dame Colet House. It has been providing local women with an opportunity to develop their current knowledge and skills in catering.

The co-op employs 3 casual workers and several volunteers who provide catering services specialising in Bangladeshi food for meetings, social and community events of up to 300 people.


Dame Colet House

Ben Jonson House

London E1 3NH

Tel: 020 7790 9077

Fax: 020 7790 9637

Description of services

Tower Hamlets CDA assisted in the development of the above co-op in conjunction with Dame Colet House community centre. A group of Bangladeshi women have come together to produce necklaces, bracelets and ear rings which are sold at community events and festivals.

Contact Dame Colet House to see list of programmes

Co-op members

Nazma Khatun